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Stephanie Garvin, producer and founder of ETM Pictures was born in Lafayette, LA, then she moved several times between UT, CA, TX,  and AZ.  Later in life she lived in MN, OH, PA, IL, and CA.  She laughs when someone asks "Where are you from?" She says "Which month and year?"  "The best part about moving around the country is having many friends everywhere."  Her many life experiences lend unique perspectives to her screenwriting.

ETM Pictures is a production company that focuses on inspirational projects that encourage human emotional growth. "I am always looking for a way to make the world a better place...I live here too!"

Most recently Stephanie contributed to the film, The Trial of the Chicago 7 where she was credited as a Co Executive Producer.

ETM Pictures upcoming screenplay is Holiday Twist when has interest from major production studios and was also written by Stephanie Garvin.

Stephanie has been invited to join the board of the Burbank International Film Festival and hopes to support many other filmmakers in the industry passing her knowledge of her entrepreneurial background experience before joining the entertainment industry.

Stephanie Garvin

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